Something Stinks.

Yup…still on umbrage alert.

Everyone is walking around talking about the big ass number of the day.

Seven Hunnit Billy.

Ordinarily I would be all over this like paparazzi on a white hot star with a crack pipe and some kiddie porn, but frankly…I just cant get it up (pause) for it.

Yeah, it is a bad idea masquerading as humanity’s only hope.

I will file it with the rest.

The election continues to descend into bizarro world, I am missing my own kids and taking care of someone else’s and I seem to have a relationship deathwish.

But school?  School is going great.

All I need is for the world to actually be inhabitable when I graduate.

If y’all could manage to not fuck up THAT much, that would be great.


Now if you will excuse me, I will get back to getting in my polyester Superhero outfit and go off to save the world.

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