Change I believe in.

I am not worried about Barack Obama running the wrong campaign.  I am worried about America being too stupid/shortsighted/bigoted/smallminded/plain old scared to vote with their brains and not their gut.


  1. Jonzee

    Exactly. My fear as that so many of us won’t realize that Brainy people are not necessarily evil–particularly if they are pragmatic, nuanced in their thinking, and diplomatic. They won’t realize till folks like me and you are standing in the breadline with them, giving them the evil eye like, “see, I told you dumb muufuucas so.”

    I’m glad I still know how to bartend…few things that never go out of style during economic messes–drinking and dying…maybe I should go into the mortuary business???

  2. FreeMan Press

    I agree with you whole heartedly. I wonder if the masses will vote for what’s obviously the right way to go. Even if you don’t like Black Barack I mean you have to see McCain is even more wrong.

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