Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking the AFC East

So…everyone has had a chance to take a step towards Tampa.

Some moved Towards Tampa (Bears, Eagles, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants)

Some moved away from Tampa (Colts, Vikings, Jaguars, Chargers)

One saw their season completely crumble before their eyes.

(oh SURE, Matt Cassell is Tom Brady 2.0…whatever helps you sleep at night Patriot fans)

Let us take a look at the AFC East after one Week.

AFC East

Jets – Guess that Favre pick-up is going to work out well for them after all, huh.  Something tells me Favre is going to go out like he does every year, with a game killing Pick in an overtime playoff game.  Better than closing up shop in December I suppose.

Patriots – I think Daunte Culpepper is somewhere staring at his phone.  In Futility.  The Patriots will rally together and pull out the division, but eventually Mr. Career Backup will prove himself to be just that.  And somehow it will all be Randy Moss’ fault.

Dolphins – Baby Steps. Anything is better than last year.  Chad Pennington will keep them competitive, and win half of the games they almost won last year.  So instead of losing 8 games by a touchdown or less, they will only lose 4, giving them a nice round 6-10 record.

Bills – This is a scrappy bunch that you DO NOT want to see in Buffalo.  All the pieces are together, it is just a matter of time to watch them grow up.


Week One Power Rankings

1a.Patriots-Next Sunday will tell the tale

1b.Jets- See 1a

3. Bills – Plays in Jacksonville Sunday…We shall see how much the Baby Bills have grown up.

4. Dolphins – baby Steps.  Enjoy the view, The Dolphins are going to be here for a while.

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