Paid in Full

I think it is vital, especially given the tumultuous times we are in
as a community(despite Gov. Plain’s  (sp) assertion that communities
apparently don’t need organizing anymore) and as a nation, that we
never lose sight on acknowledging that behind all these dynamic blogs
and movements are real people with real lives.

(Cross posted from my Afrospear Google Group)

Because the vast majority of us conduct our online activism on a
volunteer basis, on top of everything else that we do, “real Life” has
a tendency to encroach upon our ability to fulfill our passion for
activism and community uplift.  (a fact that makes Gov. Plain’s
cutdown even more infuriating).

On August 24, 2008 I flew my sons back to Maryland to accompany them
to their first day of Fifth and first grade.  I then flew
back to Texas, for MY first day of school in 15 years as a freshman at
a junior college taking a full load while continuing to work full-time
plus at my job at what I affectionately call the plantation.

Wednesday Night, my wife and I found ourselves in custody of two young
children who we didn’t even know 5 months ago, probably permanently.
They weren’t literally dropped on my stoop, because that would have
required the minimum effort of actually BRINGING them to my house.

To say the least, it has been a chaotic two and a half weeks.  Just as
it was getting truly hectic and I thought I was drowning…

A huge dose of help arrived from a member of this collective and
inspiration from another blogger who couldn’t have posted an item to
me directly, but it seemed to be done just for me.

Those two incidents, one done purposefully, one encountered by chance,
made my day and have re-energized me in all phases of my busy life.

So, on this Saturday, take a moment to look around you and offer
support and encouragement to someone around you.  This action is at
the core of our message in this group and will ultimately make the
group better.

Peace and Love,

The Ink.

(Cross-posted @ the AfroSpear Google Group)

PS…the movie was rather Meh.  This part here…was great.

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