Pennies from Heaven.

I need to be walking into the plantation, dressed, in 15 minutes.  Clearly, I am not going to get there on time.


Oh. Fucking. Well.

I am posting THIS video…because it was the best thing to happen to me today, so far.

Props to Jay Smooth for capturing the spirit of all creative people and their struggles.


This week has been a humbling experience for me. 

The school thing is getting real.  REALLY, REALLY, real.

Someone almost literally dropped off two small children at my house for me to help raise and didn’t even bother to try and blame me for making them. 

I just flamed out on a US History quiz because I can’t afford to buy the book right now.  ( I would solicit donations while I am waiting for the Financial Aid to work itself out, but my Chemistry book just fell out of the sky, so Far be it for me to expect it to RAIN textbooks).

I have a brand new website that I don’t have time to get up and going.

I have a wife I miss even though I sleep next to her every night.

If it is darkest before the dawn…the sun should be coming up ANY MINUTE.

BUT….I am still a blessed man.


and so are you.  Stick around…it is bound to get interesting around here sooner or later.

Pray for me and my ability to manage my time better.

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