When a Raving Black Lunatic named Big Man tags you, your ass is tagged.

The deal is that I am supposed to divulge seven facts about myself.

Here goes:

1. I went from highly recruited high-school Scholar to college dropout in three semesters, thanks to a nagging ulcer, horrible study habits and making a poor personal choice of a quality school.

2. I was a bedwetter until the age of 15.  Not really trying to go into anymore details about that.

3. My father, my oldest son, and I share a name, a personality, character flaws, and mannerisms despite the fact that my father left my mother when I was 2 and I left my ex-wife when my son was3.

4. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and as you would expect, I am a huge Steelers fan.  The Pirates, not so much.

5.  My maternal grandmother has nine grandchildren.  I am the oldest and I am the only one with two Black Parents.

6.  I eat my grits with sugar and I don’t care if you don’t like it.

7. On Monday I will be a 38 year old freshman at a junior college in Fort Worth, TX (see number 1)

Since I don’t believe in chain letters, there will be no tags.  Get in where you fit in.

Eleven random sentences to cover where my head has been over the past couple of weeks.

1. Watching the Olympics with my children was a singular experience.  They are getting older and smarter ad more inquisitive.  Their mother and step-father are doing a wonderful job.  I ain’t ready to say this is the best situation for them…no actually I am.  Here goes.

Two adults involved in separate, but stable and loving relationships raising children > Two adults involved in one destructive and loveless relationship raising children in one house.

2. The more I follow this campaign, the more I regret being a political junkie.  They are a myopic and out of touch bunch, virtually NONE of whom have a real clear idea about what is going on in the head of Average Americans.

Greek Columns…seriously?

3. I cannot believe Casey Anthony actually was able to wander the street for a while there.

4. If Barack Obama was Brett Osborne…this race would be So.Fuckin.Over.

5.  I am really struggling with the idea that there is something wrong with the Stage tonight.  I usually can see the logic in ANYTHING…all I see in this (especially from Democrats) is the standard uppity Negro don’t show us up too bad meme.

6. I actually went to a math class with a pen, and couldn’t figure out why EVERYONE around me had a pencil…until class started.

7. If I close my eyes, I can smell the football in the air.

8. TV One would have been better off showing reruns of What’s Happening than showing the Democratic national Convention if they were going to cover it like this.

9. I may be old….but I LOVE college right now.

10.September 1st, I am starting my new marathon training regimen via Nike +.  You know you wanna join my Running group.

11. You also know you wanna join my Fantasy Football pick’em league.


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