Real Talk, Real Quick

I shared the sadness of Team Hillary tonight.   Not because I am a Hillary fan, per se, but because my reality of Hillary Clinton (or Bill, for that matter) never seemed to measure up with what I knew Hillary Clinton COULD be.

TONIGHT we heard from the person, the candidate, that Hillary Clinton COULD be.

THAT Hillary Clinton, could have been…should have been speaking on THURSDAY, and not Tuesday.

But that Hillary Clinton is obscured by The Hillary Clinton who frittered away a mountain of institutional advantage and lost a presidential campaign to a Black man whose name rhymes with Osama.

Make no mistake, The best man won in 2008.  But the best man doesn’t always win.

And whether you wanna believe it or not, the best man SHOULDN’T have won THIS year.

But he did, and THAT’S why i share Team Hillary’s pain.



  1. FreeMan Press

    If Barack loses it will be because of sore losers like you. Did Obama cheat Clinton in this process? So when a person lines up on the track and pulls up lame is it the other guys fault who wins. All of you Hillary people need to stop being sore losers and just fall in line. If the shoe was on the other foot you would be outraged if Barack half assed endorsed Clinton, demanded a BS count at the convention for his delegates, hinted to Black American that she couldn’t be trusted or hinted that she might not win because she was a woman. All of this Clinton has done and now they give the she-devil a space on the stage. WOW

    She lost and now she is acting like a sore loser through her inaction. This is why Obama won’t appoint her or Bill to anything because he knows they are half ass supporting him. This is a true act of sour grapes. No one respects a sore loser and no one will respect a sore losers misguided followers.

  2. Jonzee

    @ Free Man

    Um…take it down a bit. If you have been visiting Ink’s site you know that he has been Pro-Obama for a minute. I believe, if you slow down, you will realize what he is saying is that Hillary basically had it all–and dropped the ball on the 1 yard line with 40 seconds left and the opposing very well oiled machine made a touchdown.

    Real talk is that this was supposed to be her year and she and her team jacked it up.

    Get your knowledge on about the writer’s on going position before you come agunnin.

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