They almost pulled it off. Obama-Biden it is.

You just cannot keep secrets anymore.  But damn if Team Obama didn’t try.  They whispered about it…connected the dots…but they refused to break it.

Their restraint speaks to the airtight nature of the Obama campaign.

Once the Secret Service was dispatched to the Biden family, it was impossible to hide.

But it didn’t break until after the 11:00 news cycle, so for all intents and purposes, People will wake up to this news, they didn’t go to bed with it.

On a Saturday, a 9am text can EASILY be the wake up call to regular folk.

So on a certain level, The roll out was a success.

Personally, I LIKE Joe Biden.  I had the opportunity to interact with him a few times while I was on the Hill and I found him more than amiable.

Part of me wanted it to be someone else only because THEY initially said it would be him.

End of the day, if Obama says it’s Biden.  I am okay with it.


  1. morningcupofcoffee


    I remember when I interned for Biden briefly before going to college in the summer of 91. I was 18 and very much against his stance on the second amendment, but through working at his Georgetown office and studying his positions I came to really grow fond of him. He is a great guy, one of the smartest people you will ever meet and it’s amazing that he was the pick. I’m excited.



  2. FreeMan Press

    Biden is for the Racist White Folk Vote. Ever since Obama first ran you knew he was going to pick a white dude rather he be a military guy or this Regular Joe ass guy he has now. The masses will not accept Obama until they see a white guy standing behind him making sure if the N gets out of hand someone white will take over.

    So Yo Joe!

  3. james tubman

    i wonder if this move will align hilary with mccain

    she might feel bad that she didnt get the vice president role so her supporters might go with mccain instead

    who knows

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