Now she watch channel Zero point four

You shall excuse the obvious irony with Flavor Flav talking about folk watching Garbage.  That is beside the point.  I don’t think Flav thought he would be doing NOW what he was decrying then.

Carmen Twittered me a bunch of us(Screen Name Inkognegro, Followmenow)  giving us a heads up on a crime that makes Ocean 11 look like taking too many pennies from the take one leave one cup down at the Piggly Wiggly.

what crime? From the Black Agenda Report

On February 17 of next year, 5,100 new digital TV channels are scheduled to become operational. Every single one of them is stolen.

The biggest theft of the public airwaves in U.S. history is nearly complete, a crime perpetrated in semi-secret, that transfers a brand new universe of the digital broadcast spectrum into the possession of wholly undeserving corporations. As a result Blacks, other minorities, unions, community organizations and all other non-rich societal stakeholders may be shut out of the main streams of television for the foreseeable future.

So, what’s the big deal?

Ponder, if you will, how the media failed to do its due diligence in regards to the run-up to the Iraq War.

Ponder, if you will, the media’s performance during the election.

Ponder, if you will, the media’s ability to obsess on a topic, drill it into the ground and do NOTHING to enlighten people on what’s really going on. (See Favre, Brett)

Ponder, if you will, The current incarnation of One Flavor Flav versus the incarnation of Mr. Flav that existed when the soundtrack of this post first appeared twenty years ago.

Finally, ponder, if you will, the ability willingness of the mainstream media to address anything with the necessary complexity in order to inform us.

Clearly the Corporate Media (the messenger of the Universal Evil “THEY” that I talk about so much) has no interest in being anything other than what they are.

Clearly they aren’t interested in a whole lot of competition for the nation’s attention.

Clearly true information isn’t going to just hop up on your lap, ladies and gentlemen, you are going to have to continue to go out there and get it.



  1. FreeMan Press

    It’s a genius plan! You shape a persons life by what you expose them to. So now they control your TV but they always have. They are just giving you the impression that you have variety. So what you don’t like FOX, here’s CNN, MSNBC, or PBS. It’s a con to make you think you have choice. We are all part of the great Rat Race, they have put us in a maze and because it’s a big maze we think we have so many options. By the time anyone gets out of it you will be exhausted and since the masses can’t see it anyway you won’t convince them to change. You are dealing with people who are way smarter than what people give them credit for. Enjoy the Show!

  2. Carmen D.

    Dayum that was a smart idea, Inkog! From messenger to minstrel and THAT is what young people think Flava Flav was all about. Once upon a time, if you had told me the 80’s would be considered practically revolutionary in my lifetime I would have laughed you out of my face.

    I am not laughing now.

  3. Black on Campus

    I think the writing on the wall is pretty clear. Until we have a variety of Black-owned and Black-run television channels, we should, as a people, limit our viewing. I don’t mean that we should do this as a boycott, either. Rather, we should do it for our own health. The images of Blackness that are entertaining to the non-black majority do not serve our best interests. Why should be patronize industries and production companies that offer up images that poison the minds of our kids? Why should we consume images that demean our communities and our culture?

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