This is a level of hate I am personally uncomfortable with.

While I am quick to label the garden variety “small-h hate” that has fueled the rapid expansion of the internet, I am not nearly as quick to toss around the “capital H hate” that usually ends in slow singing and flower bringing (Wallace, 1994).

The above Picture, brought to my attention by the aptly named skeptical brotha, seems to tread the line between the hates very poorly.

It is truly ironic that all this resurfaces on the heels of the Barack Oblonda commercial.

at first blush, I arrived at the overall conclusion that these folk are just blinded by their own sense of entitlement and are therefore projecting said entitlement upon Obama.  The perception of the notion of a lack of gravitas and a shallowness of policy usually comes from the presumption that Obama can’t possibly have it all together.

But then i cannot shake the idea that perhaps all this animus has a deeper root.

Could it be that losing to some random first term senator is bad, but losing to an uppity Negro is just plain unacceptable?

There just seems to be too much smoke for there not to be any fire anywhere.


  1. Big Man

    You know I hit on both of these themes in my last two posts. First, I think it is totally unacceptable for McCain to lose to a random Negro. Cause that’s how he sees Obama, just a random interloper who doesn’t belong.

    Second, if you check my post today, I think Obama’s swagger intimidates people who lack self confidence of their own. It’s like the folks who get all mad at Jay-Z for being cocky. Why does that bother you so much that he believes in himself?

    Maybe because you don’t believe in yourself.

  2. sHaE-sHaE

    Oh yeah, Obama is definitely a thorn in McCain’s side. He probably never thought Barack would get this far, let alone be his front runner. The capital – H – hate campaigns have a desperate feel to them. That means Obama’s doing his job. 😉

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