It is official. I am bored with this campaign.

SO, Jake Tapper posts a celebrity elitist quiz like so…

Which presidential candidate hosted Saturday Night Live (hint — the musical guests were The White Stripes)?

Which one had cameos on “24” and “Wedding Crashers“?

Whose wife secretly got her pilot’s license and owns a jet?

Who is pals with Warren Beatty?

Whose daughter is friends with Heidi from MTV’s The Hills?

Whose wife once told Vogue, explaining the purchase of a 7th or 8th house, this one a beach house, “When I bought the first one, my husband, who is not a beach person, said, ‘Oh this is such a waste of money; the kids will never go. Then it got to the point where they used it so much I couldn’t get in the place. So I bought another one.”

Whose family credit cards have been known to ring up more than $500,000 in charges in one month?

and the comments go like THIS:

Trying to paint McCain with the celebrity brush is laughable – since it’s Obama and Michelle who put their two little daughters on Access Hollywood.

And since when is having legitimately earned money a crime in America? Some of Obama’s backers are so jealous with class-envy they can taste it. Wise up, people. Obama is a multi-millionaire too.

WORD?  Was Obama on the block with Rick Ross getting his paper?

And from a commenter named “Still for Hil”

It is not the matter of money it is the matter of lack of experience and arrogance.

Is that a new flavor of haterade? Or is that still sour grapes?

To me it isn’t about money.

It is about a lack of humility–acting as if you are smarter, richer, better than other people. Sticking your nose in the air, acting smug, thinking you know it all, unwilling to admit mistakes.

I don’t see that in McCain or his wife even though they are rich.

This is how I see Obama. He has bought into all the worshipping. Fate has a way of taking care of pride and arrogance. I just hope our country doesn’t go down with Obama.

Ahhh the hate is just palpable, isn’t it.



  1. Big Man

    People with low self-esteem always attack people with confidence. They don’t feel good about themselves, so they attack people who do.

    Why shouldn’t I feel like I’m wonderulf, or great?

    Why don’t I have that right?

    Obama is smarter and richer than the average American. That’s a fact.

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