The MPAA can no longer be trusted.

So, Despite my VIP invite from the good folk at the Lone Star Film Society to see an advance screening of Pineapple Express, I ended up missing out.  I ended up dragging Mrs. Ink to see the Dark Knight, which I had initially vowed to not see until after I returned the chirren to their mother (henceforth known as the Former Mrs. Ink(FMI)) because they wanted to see it (how would they not?)

I considered it, because they are reasonably well raised (shout out to the FMI) but any hope the kids had was dashed when the Good Rev. Keystroke dubbed The Dark Knight The Dark Knight of the Soul.

They had to settle with a trip to see Iron Man, a much kinder and gentler PG-13 superhero flick earlier today.

So, with that, me and Mrs. Ink settled in and Boy lemme tell ya.

That was the most violent and intense PG-13 movie I have EVER seen.

Trix may be for kids, The Dark Knight most definitely was not.

Now the pragmatist in me understands the whole Scarlet letter that the R Rating has turned into for movies that harbor dreams of attracting teenagers, but I KNOW R rated movies when I see them.

The Dark Knight is a legitimate R rated movie.

The MPAA should be ashamed.

Christopher Nolan et. al. did a heckuva job, but that was a movie for grown-ups.


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