Postcards from the Edge: All I need

Three AM in a random Hotel room, surrounded by the three people my life depends on most.

Her.  and Him and Him.

It was a long time coming, and this ain’t exactly Leave it to Beaver, although to the naked eye, it looks quite lovely.

And so it is, Wife #2 and Sons 1 and 2 and myself are heading back to Texas.

I feel so complete.

I would do a dance but they are all asleep and that would get me jumped.

So, on to the NEXT topic of conversation.

For the uninitiated, I am and will always be a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I do not, nor will I ever live there again, but it is home for me.

And apparently, In August of 2009, it will be home to a bunch of Lefty Bloggers for that NN thing.


Ordinarily, I would have just shrugged it off but…well ordinarily I certainly would never have shrugged that off.

I am in many ways who I am because of Pittsburgh, and I take it VERY seriously.

Pittsburgh is a hardscrabble place.  A place that is as conservative as the politics therein are liberal.

The most unprogressive liberal place I have ever seen.

I wonder if they know that?

I think I am going to go.

NN 09 here I come.



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