Postcards from the Edge: Bitten by the Bug

So, I am suited up next to Mrs. Ink and one of her cousins announces that he would like to run for mayor of the small to medium city in New York that will be the site of NEXT year’s Ink’s Wife’s Family reunion.

and I felt it.

I felt the urge to get involved.  I saw a man who believed passionately in government as a mechanism to move people forward.  I saw the chance to help a family member be the first Black man to be the mayor of Yadayada, NY.

Mrs. Ink looked at me while I chatted her cousin up and she sensed it before I could even say anything to her.

“I see you.”, she said with that knowing smirk.

I just shrugged.

So much for being done.

All I realized from that is that I cannot in good conscience get a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management when my passion is in Urban Planning/Political Science/Public Administration.

I also realized I am actually old enough to be more inclined to dance early in the family reunion than I am late in the reunion, after the old folk go upstairs.

Actually I WAS one of the old folk going upstairs….wow.


  1. Jonzee

    Glad you finally came to your senses.

    Dreamers dream and do’ers do. You my friend, are a dreaming do’er. Might as well reconcile them and not settle for less.

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