Postcards from the Edge

Friday(York, PA)  – The ides of July led to a last minute working binge for yours truly to “cake up” (that is, accumulate surplus cash) for my summer trip.

2006 marked a seven day Caribbean cruise

2007 was a weekend in San Antonio

2008?   Baltimore and York, PA.  Well, this year’s choice was about family.   York, PA is the site of Mrs. Ink’s Family reunion and Baltimore is the Airport of choice as well as an ideal place to pick up the Little Inks (Inkognegro 2.0, age 9 and Inkognegro 2.5, age 6) for their first trip to Texas.  While I have been pretty aggressive in maintaining contact with my sons since my separation/divorce, since resurrecting my life in Texas in 2004, I have yet to feel comfortable enough with my place in Texas to bring them down to visit me. Up to this point, I have shared my time with them with my mother in Pittsburgh and I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about a period of time in my life.

But before I get to scoop up my babies, first there is  the matter of Mrs. Ink’s family reunion.

Mrs. Ink is a native of Queens, but her family is scattered around the Country.  York, PA is where a significant number of her family have settled, so the reunion finds itself here periodically.

Even though I am a native of Pennsylvania(GO STEELERS), York was never on my radar as a place to know all that well.  Seems like a harmless enough place, though.

Not a whole lot to report so far, Flying is still wack and my wife’s family is still crazy.

All I can think about is getting my kids.

That and trying to decide if I am going to take them to see The Dark Knight or not.  9 and 6 (especially six) is kinda light in the britches for gloomy dark superhero movies…But I know most other kids are going to see it.

I wanna be the cool dad, but I also wanna be the right dad.

If anyone can give me a heads up from a kid’s perspective, I would be most appreciative.

More on all this foolishness as it develops.


One comment

  1. Keystroke

    The Dark Knight is an incredible film, but it is WAY too dark for a 6 year old, and I don’t think the 9 year old would fare too well either. “The Dark Knight Of The Soul” would have been an appropriate title (as one reviewer put it) and it seriously could have been written by Frederick Nitschke – it is an exercise in nihilism and its inevitable consequences.

    Definitely go see it…alone.

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