Go DJ, That’s my DJ

I am taking this opportunity to heap praise and salutations to the OFFICIAL DJ of this website….DJ Diva the Mixtress of R&B who has elevated her Podcast game over the past several months.

WIth her permission, I am going to post up her latest masterpiece.  The early Millenium mix

She rolls with a heavy Music Crew and they will keep you in the know.  I know I am.

Now if I can only get her Husband to stop hoein for the man bringing home the bacon long enough to get his gift in gear….(yeah, I said it.)

Even though we are all supposed to be boycotting Mr. Kelly…She did her thing last week with the King of the Mixtape

Click on the nassy bastard for the link



  1. Jonzee

    But the best mix up right now, is the Diva’s Paradise Garage joint.

    I was to young to ever, go…but the legend of the place is a part of the memory of any New York Dance Audiophile over the age of 35! I so wish that they still did it like the Garage.

    I guess my Garage was Bentley’s (live! Saturday night!)

  2. DJ Diva

    Yo Thanks For The Love my dude! This post had me dying LOL

    I am officially the DJ of Incognegro. Thank you for the honor!


    I got you mama! You should holla at me sometime! I was a Bentley’s head! Darryl James LOL Thanks for the love!

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