Jesse Jackson is smarter than ALL Y’ALL

Sorry Rev,  I am going to have to put you in the street on this one.

I spent the better part of Wednesday Night waxing nostalgic over the decline and fall of the pride of Greenville, SC, pondering the impact his campaigns in 1984 and 1988 had in nurturing my political junkieism.

I couldn’t finish it because something I had this nagging sensation in the part of my brain that insists that the entire story isn’t being told.

It took me until the middle of my first shift tomorrow to finally connect all the dots.

Jesse did this on purpose.

You can’t tell me that Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr., who has been rocking the microphone since I was a twinkle in my daddy’s eye, has fallen off to the point that he would lean over to some random brotha and whisper something so incriminating.

This wasn’t the green room.

This wasn’t overheard in a restaurant.

This wasn’t a taped phone call.

This was RIGHT before a talking head segment.  Mics already attached.  On FOX EFFING NEWS.

COME ON, PEOPLE! (Cosby, W.)

What amazes me is that more folk haven’t come arrived at this conclusion.  The math doesn’t work any other way.

You doubt?

I give you the evidence.

  1. Jesse was apologizing before we even knew what was said – I have a hard time believing that Jesse would have gotten as far out in front of something like this as he did unless he knew it was coming.  And the only way to REALLY know it’s coming is if you did it on purpose.
  2. There are no fence sitters at it applies to Rev. Jackson.  Whatever people feel about Rev. Jackson is only intensified by whatever fuckery he does.  White folk who just can’t get over the idea of Barack Obama appointing Jesse, Al, and Louis to his cabinet (because you know the first thing Black folk do in positions of power is multiply and deprive white folk of any kind of power).  And Jesse gets to “speak truth to power”  (cue the quirky quote thing with your fingers) to his base (yes, boys and girls, Jesse STILL has a base)  He also gets to give voice to the urban (Black) wing of the Democratic Party.
  3. Whatever Jealousy Jesse harbors, (and trust…there is a fair amount) he does support Obama and would not have pulled this stunt unless he thought Obama would have a net benefit.  That starts with the fact that no one in the punditocracy thinks enough of Jesse that he would dare try and outsmart them.
  4. Listen to the actual words.   “Barack is talking down to Black People” (when has Jesse ever been this cut and dry?)”I wanna cut his nuts off”(kick his ass?  cuss his ass out?  nope…not strong enough. Gotta get good and gutter with it) Barack is talking down to Black People (just in case the first time didn’t come across clearly enough.)  Add to that that he was on Fox News, which would have sole possession of  the footage, never to be aired in complete context (Can’t run the risk of broadening the conversation beyond Jesse threatening castration [no way a 67 year old Baptist minister could be speaking metaphorically] on everyone’s favorite Negro while accusing him of  (being elitist and “white” (those damn finger quotes again))
  5. Jesse is on your mind and on your TV/Monitor. Just because you didn’t miss him doesn’t mean he didn’t miss you.


  1. Marc

    I’ve toyed with this idea as well, as several journalists also immediatly indicated the benefit this had in terms of Obama being able to show he isn’t beholden to just the black community.

    You can probably thank Ralph Nader for initiating all this, as it was he who was stupid enough to make the comment that Obama is whitening himself and should be more black involved.

    My other theory, and its born mostly out of ignorance about the discussion within the black community, is how unpopular the Bill Cosby and now Barack Obama absentee father philosophy is with Jackson directly.

  2. missy

    I just came over after reading your comments at The Field…

    I’ve thought a lot of things about Jessie Jackson since his comment but his being a clever mastermind never entered into the mix. The firs thing I learned in public speaking was that if you have a mic…ALWAYS assume it’s on.

    Thanks for giving an alternative view to a situation I all but completely pegged as proof positive that some of us still functioning under a slave mentality.

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