Stop. Look. Listen.

In the midst of my personal soul searching and self-evaluation, something has completely irritated me about the Coverage of Barack Obama.

While there is an overall buzzphrase that pervades all mainstream coverage of any campaign, The Obama campaign seem to be caught in a heavily watered down narrative that usually focuses on one phrase that usually connotes a certain skepticism on the part of those alleged to be in the know.

Surely you remember such hits as

Is America Ready for a Black President?

How Black is Barack Obama?

Can a man with the middle name Hussein get elected?

Will Blacks Fall in love with Barack Obama?

Will Whites vote for Obama (this one was before Iowa)

Will Poor Whites vote for Obama?

Will Hispanics vote for Obama?

Can a man married to one of those angry Black women be president?

Can Obama sway the SuperDelegates?

Can Obama win in the South?

Can he win in the West?

Can he win without Clinton

Can he sway her voters?

Why Can’t he close the deal?

Why cant Obama go to the nice Black Churches we see Bill Clinton going to all the time?

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Well…for the past three weeks the latest buzzphrase has revolved around whether or not Barack Obama has moved to the Center.

Ignore all the blather.  It isn’t about moving to the center.  It is about broadening the conversation.

Barack Obama has made a habit of speaking in broad and general terms about what he wishes to accomplish, sometimes ruffling the feathers of people who usually agree with him.

To THOSE people it sounds like pandering.  It isn’t.  It is leadership.

Since Monday, Obama has delivered thoughtful and provocative speeches on Patriotism, Faith, and National Service, all topics Democrats traditionally struggle with but topics that Obama clearly has passionate ideas and principles about.

These three also are issues that Obama is uniquely qualified to address as opposed to his opponent.

Patriotism from a non-jingoistic perspective

Faith as a tool for upliftment

Choosing service over self

Name a politician better suited to address these topics.

Instead of bitching and whining because the preacher won’t preach from your momma’s favorite scripture, why don’t you LISTEN TO WHAT HE IS SAYING…you MIGHT learn something.

Go ahead, I’ll Wait (Williams, K)



  1. Jonzee

    Ah, thank you for that. Over at KOS, people are acting like Obama just killed their dog. He is saying nothing out of step with the tone, tenor, and thoughtfulness he used before and during the primary.

    It’s like we are so used to hearing politicians tell us what we want to hear, that when they don’t, and essentially say ‘it is what it is’ (Obama’s favorite thing to say these days), we are to fit to be tied.

    I’m with the O man–“yeah, I don’t do cowering” or pandering for that matter.

  2. FreeMan Press

    Well Barack is truly his own man. He is doing what is necessary to win. Really I think he is going to make the country the way he sees fit. C’mon everyone has to agree some of the left is way out there, even I can’t go as far they will with their shit.

    Barack is in it to win it. I think people should get the hell out of his way. I think he resolved a long time ago if I make it I’m going for broke! So if it fails it will fail his way not the way other people said it should go.

    FreeMan P.

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