*Looks at his watch…waits*


Apparently Larry Johnson has found some secret video that has Michelle Obama going ballistic on whitey

No not that Larry Johnson

Nope, Not THIS one either

This dude here.

So, he has the tape.

I certainly hope so.

lets get this out in the open RIGHT now.

Somehow I predict that the reality of this tape is much less problematic than the theory of this tape.


BONUS:  if you are quick to anger…avoid the comments section.


One comment

  1. K Nicole Jones

    The tape is stupid–and they are really reaching. You are from the midwest and you know how we run things like “why did he” into “Why’d he”. Just like we love Saturdee and Sundee.

    I got a whitey for you though. See…and they wonder why I daily become more damn militant.

    See…I can do well thought out anger.

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