Alcee Hastings, kindly get your facts straight before putting your foot in your mouth

So says Congressman Alcee Hastings

At the beginning of our great country’s history my ancestors were counted as only 2/3 of a person.  Until passage of the 15th Amendment in 1870, they weren’t allowed to vote. During that same time and until 1920, women could not vote.  White men who did not own property could not vote at one point in our history as well.

Um…Sir…it was actually only 3/5 of a person.  As a person whose ancestors were the same as Rep. Hastings, let me be the first to say that while it may serve Mr. Hastings’ purposes to equate slavery and non-personhood to what is happening to Florida, I am inclined to find it rather hyperbolic and wishes he would shut the fuck up.


It is a LONG ass way from 2/3 3/5 of a person to being caught up in some intra-party squabble that diminishes the weight of a citizens vote in a party primary to determine the party nominee.  A punishment passed along as a result of breaking party rules.

Of course, breaking rules is something you know something about, isn’t it?

Paying the price for breaking rules?

Not so much, huh, Mr. Impeached judge turned congressman?


One comment

  1. Carmen D.

    Inkog, you are exactly right! I am preparing a post on this myself. Jeez, they are grasping at any hyperbole they can to justify, as Donna Brazile’s mama would say, cheating.

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