Useful Idiots

I have heard the term Useful idiots before, but I never knew from whence it came.

In political jargon, the term “useful idiot” was used to describe Soviet sympathizers in western countries and the alleged attitude of the Soviet government towards them. The implication was that the person in question was naïve, foolish, or in willful denial, and was being cynically used by the Soviet Union, or another Communist state.

The term is now used more broadly to describe someone who is perceived to be manipulated by political movement, terrorist group, or hostile government, whether or not the group is Communist in nature.

It is a bit unnerving to watch the state of West Virginia being held up as some kind of bellwether state that represents the overall American attitude.


And THESE jokes are just a figment of your imagination.

Two West Virginians are walking down different ends of a street toward each other and one is carrying a sack. When they meet, one says, “Hey, Tommy Ray, what’cha got in th’ bag?”
“Jus’ some chickens.”
“If I guess how many there are, can I have one?”
“I’ll give you both of them.”
“OK. Ummmmm……, five?”

Today’s vote was the equivalent of a late game touchdown by a team that is down by four touchdowns. Is there time for Four Touchdowns?

In theory, yes.

In reality? Not so much.

The math is still the math.

I find it laughable that the media spent all this time in West Virginia asking them about POLITICS…under the impression that they REALLY care about them and what they think.

Obama was Lambasted for Bittergate but look at the crux of this article from the USA Today:

The following paragraphs are juxtaposed in the SAME ARTICLE:

This state of small towns is home to the gun-owning, church-going, financially struggling voters whom Hillary Rodham Clinton is targeting Tuesday. She says Obama alienated them with his remark before the Pennsylvania primary last month about “bitter” dislocated workers in small towns “clinging” to guns and religion.

Democrats outnumber Republicans nearly 2 to 1, but President Bush won here in 2000 and 2004. “It was because of three things: guns, God and abortion,” says Danny Jones, the Republican mayor of Charleston, the state capital.

“The people in the last election were persuaded by the gun issue,” said Robert Dennie, a retired Union Carbide employee, a Democrat who cast an early vote Tuesday for Clinton in Charleston. “Everybody has wised up.”

Now is the lateness of the hour making me stupid or is this the DICTIONARY definition of what Obama was talking about?

Mr. Dennie, who cast his early vote for Clinton said EVERYBODY has wised up.

By THAT logic, after Clinton sits down somewhere Obama should have no problem with all these Wised up Mountaineers and those Clinton Voters would just settle for the next best thing


Yeah…uh huh…but NOOOOOO one wants to mention that.

Well, no one but Hillary Clinton.

To make the assumption that they would support her but not Obama when their platforms are similar over a McCain administration that can be tied to the Bush years in multiple ways implies that there are NON ideological reasons that would bring about all those votes She accumulated drifting away from HER party’s nominee.

Hell, no one else will say it…so why should I.

I think this speaks for itself.

I think this speaks for itself.

So, back to the useful Idiots…

It seems that The Clinton campaign, having found itself on the verge of losing to not just a neophyte…but a BLACK political neophyte despite having every possible advantage in only 17 months.

AND NOW…they are clinging to West Virginia and Kentucky to embolden their case.

Useful idiots.



  1. Jonzee

    I don’t even know if they are useful.

    I was going to write my own, “Obama volunteer faced with bigotry” story–but decided it was best to keep it moving.

  2. MacDaddy

    Good post. Timely. Many poor whites like those in W. Virginia are “useful idiots” for politicians and the well-to-do. As you know, they use them to keep whites and people of color and progressives divided so they can continue to rule. Blessings.

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