John Edwards isn’t on CP Time after all.

Shout out to Dottie Peoples…even though this is one of my 5 LEAST favorite gospel songs of all time, I spent a day with Ms. Peoples and she is the real deal.

If you could draw a script up for the ideal time to announce a John Edwards endorsement, 6:30 pm the day after West Virginia would be exactly the moment.

As irrelevant as West Virginia was in the grand scheme of things, it was truly a blessing for the babbling media hordes to have a different bone to chew on.

I disagree with those who felt that Edwards was late.  While it would have been nice to have him going into Pennsylvania, I certainly can see him wanting to lay low through Ohio and Pennsylvania so as not to be seen as piling on Senator Clinton.

I think the math has become so academic that it is time for EVERYONE to go ahead and ante up.

*Casts a glance at Mr. Gore, who IS flirting dangerously close to CP Time*

Meanwhile, Senator Clinton is jacking up threes and calling time-outs faster than Joe Gibbs and Chris Webber ever could.

(sidebar: have you noticed that EVEN in West Virginia, there is ALWAYS at least ONE Brotha behind Hillary?)

One comment

  1. Miranda

    I noticed the obligatory knee-grow behind Hillary at all times. The one in West Virginia was damn near a spot – its pretty obvious he was a strategic plant….just like a toddler or a dog when politicians get in trouble and have to talk to somebody on 60 minutes.

    John Edwards was RIGHT on time. That wasn’t late at all. He took every second of Hillary’s alleged WV win (I say alleged because, is it really a win?)and turned it into a great day for Barack Obama. I felt sorry for Hillary’s staff though…would YOU want to be in the office the day after that? ouch.

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