The problem with Unity

Pardon me while I sway wistfully about the complete absence of such sentiment in modern HipHop.

OK, I am back now.

So, after tonight’s woodshedding in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia, Hillary will be emboldened and her supporters will ramp up their talking points.  At the very least, there will be calls for a unity ticket.  For many though, there will be calls that the presumptive Nominee is deeply Flawed and that something must be done to preserve victory.

Bottom line: He cannot win without her, He can only win WITH her (preferably with him and that loud-talking wife of his in the background keeping the black folk happy)

Flawed Numbers will be floated and Polls will be quoted and all this foolishness will drag on.

But now we have this unity ticket stuff to deal with.

She has half the party, HE has half the party…so put both halves together and we got the WHOLE party…right?

Um…no.  If ONLY it was that simple.

It ain’t.

It COULD have been…but THAT ship has long since sailed. (and mind you, they stopped adding on to this in FEBRUARY)

Unity…TRUE unity implies that you all have to be on the same page.  Its not enough to have the same goal.

Agreeing on going to Vegas from Dallas means nothing if one of you wants to hire a limo and one of you wants to take the bus.

Lawrence Lessig de-constructed this very well in his video

So um….yeah…Iono about all this unity talk.


One comment

  1. Jonzee

    Thanks for writing more than 2 sentences and sticking in a video…

    Pardon me as I sway wistfully to Marsha Ambrosious and remember the days when Ink dropped more science in prose.

    🙂 (Don’t call me up and cuss me out okay?)

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