I wouldn’t fool with Mrs. Obama if I were you, Mr. Hannity.

So, now that the Rev. Wright foolishness has reached a (hopefully permanent) ending, they have turned to Michelle Obama.

This isn’t going to warrant a whole lot of energy in rebutting, but Folk just need to see this.


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  1. Yahya

    Who’s America? There must be 2 Americas because I don’t see what she said negative the way you do. If you think she is mean all you have to do is look in the mirror Sean. She is talking about how you are mean because you continued to look for something negative in human beings.

    Sean do you not have a negative veiw of Michelle? However, you don’t represent the America that I know. You don’t speak for and all Americans. If you think you do, you need to widen your circles away from your Zionist friends and you will come to know the realities of common people. If you think you speak for all Americans you are the presumption arrogant one.

    Do you really think you represent “Black Americans” Sean? Are do you see America as a country that belongs solely to “White Americans” and “Black Americans” dont count for having intelligence and perception.

    Sean I have my own eyes that I see America through, not your eyes.

    You are the one that talks about how beautiful American is but you represents the ugly side of America but you are determined to influence people to see Michelle and Obama the way you want us to see them to hopefully decide the outcome of the election. You have an agenda to promote division for your Zionist bosses and to massage your ego of having indoctrinated someone with your obsessions against descency.

    You are suppose to be so religious but you are putting your nationalism before sound religious principles that says avoid suspicions, it says look for the good in people and support and promote the good. It says forgive and overlook your brothers fauls and shortcomings. These principles shouldn’t be seen as something weak that can’t stand up and setting the tone for being the model leadership in the world that the goodness that’s in human nature that G-d put in all human beings anywhere in the world will respond to accordingly.


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