Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow Texans…Texas is in PLAY

IF Obama is the nominee.

Check it out

In Texas, John McCain leads Hillary Clinton by six percentage points and Barack Obama by five.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found McCain leading Clinton 49% to 43%. Against Obama, McCain attracts 48% of the vote while the Democrat earns 43%.

While the topline results are the same, the dynamics of the race is different depending upon the Democratic candidate. Clinton attracts 82% of the vote from Democrats in the state while Obama gets just 69%. However, Obama and McCain are essentially even among unaffiliated voters while Clinton trails by seventeen among those voters.

Just 67% of those who vote for Clinton against McCain would also vote for Obama. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Obama voters would also vote for Clinton.

McCain is viewed favorably by 58% of Texas voters, Obama by 51%, and Clinton by 45%. Sixty-five percent (65%) of Obama voters have a favorable opinion of Clinton. Seventy-three percent (73%) of Clinton voters have a favorable opinion of Obama.

Rasmussen Markets data shows that Republicans are overwhelmingly favored to win the 32 Electoral College Votes from Texas this November—current prices give the GOP a 92.0contract_type = “rasmussen”;contract_id = 68410;node_id = 8383 + “_” + 8746;new Ajax(“/extension/ajax/intrade_lastprice.php”, {data: ‘contractID=’ + contract_id + ‘&contract_type=’ + contract_type,method: ‘get’,update: $(‘intrade_’ + node_id)}).request(); % chance of winning. These figures are updated on a 24/7 basis by market participants (it costs nothing to join). Texas has voted for the Republican candidate in every election for the past twenty-eight years. At the time this poll was released, Texas was rated as a “Safely Republican” in the Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power Calculator

Clinton?  Notsomuch.

You think Clinton can close on McCain?  Riiiiiiight.



  1. huntingdonpost

    I do think Clinton can close on McCain if she can close on Obama. If she can’t close on Obama then McCain will be president.

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