This Just In: The Sun does not Rise and Set on Barack Obama or his candidacy

There will be no links…no explanation beyond simply this.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is an esteemed speaker and has been in demand for almost 30 years.  The schedule he kept this past weekend is no different than the schedule he has kept in the past.

The only difference is that the press wants to make this all about the campaign.  Because that is all they know and care about.

This may SHOCK and surprise you but Jeremiah Wright has a SIGNIFICANT fan base.  He has been doing his numbers for YEARS.

If you only know Jeremiah Wright as Barack Obama’s soon-to-be-former Pastor…then your vantage point is not unlike that of a child who visits the ocean for a day and decides that he knows all about the inner workings of the lives of dolphins.

The dolphins do not jump out of the ocean solely for your entertainment.  They would do it if you weren’t here.

And If you ever stop looking…they continue to jump.

And in the case of Jeremiah Wright…I will be watching.


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