Take it Personal

This ain’t no threat so take it personal -Keith Elam, 1992

This whole Jeremiah Wright thing has opened my eyes to my personal political leanings.

As I said Yesterday, Jeremiah Wright is somewhat of a spiritual giant in my eyes.

Conversely, Barack Obama is about as close to my personal Ideology as any single political figure in history, living or dead.

I can see exactly what it was that led Obama to TUCC.

I have no doubt that the relationship between Obama and Wright is EXACTLY how my relationship to my childhood pastor would be if I were still a member of my childhood church.

Let me be ABSOLUTELY clear.

IF Barack Obama has to Sista Souljah Jeremiah Wright to gain the presidency…then the presidency is not worth having.

And I WILL take that Personal.


  1. goodtimepolitics

    And with Rev. Wright being anti-American, racist you still enbrace him tells me where you’re coming from and I sure would not want to go there! 🙂

  2. K Nicole Jones

    And that is exactly where I am going to. I may very well be done with national politics after this and straight work my butt off for the local folks–since at the end of it they most effect folks daily business.

  3. BigMik

    That’s wonderful, black folk are coming full circle with Barack, they didn’t want him at first, then embraced him and now ready to drop him. Great.

  4. Lisa Vazquez

    Hi there!

    It is amazing to me how QUICKLY people want to believe what the (white) media portrays about a respected black leader when it’s something NEGATIVE but when Barack Obama came into national prominence people were questioning “he’s so nice, he’s so articulate, he’s so dignified…could THIS BE REAL?!”

    The quick embrace of a negative portrayal of a black man….
    The questioning when a black man presents himself as educated, elegant and self-assured….
    It’s all part of the taint of a white supremacist societal construct….

    The fact that (white) media wanted to slander a black leader for telling the truth about the American policies abroad says a lot…. anyone who talks about what America has DONE abroad is anti-American? Anyone who criticizes American government actions is anti-American?

    Anyone who speaks about the STILL PREVALENT racism in America is racist? Anyone who says anything negative about white people is racist?

    And MOST of these people who are online discussing Jeremiah Wright have not listed to ONE COMPLETE sermon that this man has delivered! NOT ONE!

    Go to the blog of Roland S. Smith because he has posted BOTH sermons that are supposedly so controversial!!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  5. Scribe


    Rev. Wright is no more racist then you are, and Lisa Vazquez is right, who here has really ever listened to a sermon of his….right, no one. Having said that, I’ve attended plenty of church services, lectures, panel discussions that involved people I didn’t exactly agree with. Hell, I went to listen to Bell Hooks once…ugh. The issue is how easily we can throw a man under the bus, no matter what is contribution to our country is. The last time I checked this guy had years of military service and became a pastor, not bad for
    a “lunatic” “racist” “nutcase” (all adjectives used to describe him by the media).

    I’m not dropping Obama and I’m not condemning Rev. Wright. As far as I’m concerned these are two black men that I am neither ashamed of or afraid to support.

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