One Man’s Circus is another man’s Trip down Memory Lane.

Life is a matter of perspective.  What I experience in life is directly reflective of my own principles. I am highly suspicious of anyone who acts as though their experiences are somehow universal.

It is Sunday, April 27, 2008 and As the our of nine o’clock approaches, on my PC streams the services of Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. It just so happens that Friendship-West is the home church of Mrs. Ink’s best friend and maid of honor in our wedding. I am streaming this morning’s service on my PC because one of my ALL-TIME favorite Preachers is ministering the word of the Living God live within earshot.

The year was 1987, and a man came to Pittsburgh who was the pastor of a giant church (to me at least) that performed all kinds of amazing (to me) things within the walls of a church. During the weekend that he was in town I was one of the young folk who were able to spend time in his presence, outside of the pulpit where you see the TRUE measure of a man of God. What I saw for those few moments has never left me and what he taught me has shaped my personal relationship with God ever since, creating the bridge between what I had learned in school and in my personal reading and what I was being taught in Church. This bridge has spanned the troubled water of my life ever since, revealing itself in my Politics, my self-Image, my parenting style, and the core of my very being.

That preacher is Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Before Sean Hannity had ever heard of Jeremiah Wright, I knew him.

I have known Jermiah Wright about as long as Barack Obama has.

No, I wouldn’t have been inclined to say God Damn America…but I wholeheartedly endorse the underlying sentiment.

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