Like a recovering crack addict, I cannot seem to shake the draw of cable news.  But every time I go there, I realize they aren’t really telling me anything I do not know, and what they are telling me isn’t adding up.

I should know better than to listen to what THEY say, since their priorities are not my priorities.

The reality is…she cannot catch him.

Mathematically, the numbers just do not work for her.

But, alas, the horserace continues.


Hillary says the tide is turning and the media parrots it because they wish to drag this story out as long as possible.


As a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I can personally attest to the wisdom of trusting such a town with your future.

Yet and still….scoreboard.

Barack Obama is STILL winning…and it’s not all that close.  Not nearly close enough to warrant this blinding and myopic coverage.

So….we press snooze on the doomsday clock and wait for May 6.

Indiana, it is all on you.


  1. Scribe

    For a state that has never elected a woman or a minority candidate to ish, I find it hilarious that PA is even this
    important. Lest we forget the last guy who was even a serious contender in this state was LYNN SWANN…bwhahahahahahah….45% is nothing to sneeze at, they may call it a loss for Obama, but they have to do that to keep you watching…this race ends before July…if not, it should.

  2. Carmen D.

    Hey Inkog. I feel so bombarded by cable that I have to step back for a minute. The spin the anchors put on every breath, blink and pause a candidate takes is maddening. Hillary can’t win on numbers. She can and may win on shenanigans. Now Clinton says, “I have more popular votes.” Well, if you count Fla and Mich and discount the caucuses…suurree you do Hil. And now, the cable shows ARE parroting this line!!! I don’t know how to fight right now. Peace.

  3. jameil

    and he won pittsburgh, too. every single county surrounding? lost by a 2-1 or MORE margin. hmmm… wonder why… i love that people acted SHOCKED! by the results… what on earth did you expect? he was ‘supposed’ to lose by WAY more than that.

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