You are telling on yourself.

I would love to weigh in on this whole bitter deal, but I usually get so angry It becomes difficult for me to focus my thoughts.

Suffice it to say that I am in disagreement with the Conventional Wisdom on this one.  All i really have to say is I am a bit skeptical of any person who dares to speak for the working man when they are not working men themselves.



  1. Jonzee

    Funny thing is, I think after you have toured this country and talked to men and women of various strata–and after you yourself have been in the ‘financially upside down’ situation–regardless of your level of education, I think you have the right to express your opinion.

    Now, how he said it I disagree with. His point really should have been about how wedge issues are used to distract us. I mean the question was why do “working folk” vote in favor of politician and politics that work against there needs.

    Shit, voting history and the rise of certain groups during times of economic certainty show that there is a lot accuracy in what was said.

  2. tjsthings

    I’m sorry but when CHRIS RUSSERT OF MEET THE PRESS says that Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh to the west, Philly to the east and ALABAMA in the middle… you sort of draw your own conclusion.

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