People, Let me upgrade you.

This is the singularly most artistic moment in Maury Povich’s Life. Enjoy it.

Man life can get all up in your ass baby you betta work it out
Let me tell you what it’s all about
A skin not considered equal
A meteor has more right than my people
Who be wastin’ time screaming who they’ve hated
That’s why the Native Tongues have officially been re-instated

-Kelvin Mercer, 1996

It took me long enough, but I got it all together. Welcome back to the house that Ink Built.  I took some time off to tend to some business and mostly stand back and look at where I was going with this.  I am not new to blogging by any stretch, but the me that is blogging currently is rather new.  I am growing as a man, and as such, my blogging should grow accordingly.  I took some steps during phase 1.0, and I am content with where I ended up.

Now its time to move on to the next step.

While I was away, I took a good look at what I was doing and compared it to what I could be doing, and realized that I hadn’t gotten even close to what I was capable of.  Phase 1.5 will be s jumping off point in a more substantive mode of blogging.  I will delve deeper into what The Ink thinks more Responsive and more innovative and less posting for the sake of posting.

Boys and Girls, it is 2008 and the stakes have never been higher.  The mainstream media has proven it is completely and totally indifferent to anything that they do not feel is going to bolster their bottom line.  Sure, you can learn something from them, but as far as insightful commentary?  Well, that requires a certain amount of insight.

Insight requires a worldview that extends beyond your own biases.

God blessed me with a mind that has earned me opportunities to expand my personal footprint.  That has enabled me to see somethings and learn somethings, most notably that they (that would be the universal, mysterious They) used to have it all on lock.

Today, the door has been cracked slightly.  The magic of accessible technology enables us (that would be the equally universal and mysterious us) to narrow the gap between They and Us.

And that is making them nervous.

Who is this “they” and who is this “us”?

Good question.

“They” is anyone who has an eye on maintaining a certain status quo, be it Corporate America, the Clinton Campaign, the dominant media culture,  or the Bush administration.

“Us”, are the regular every day folk and the not so every day folk who WOULD be they, but for whatever reason see the game for what it is and have cast their lot with US.  Us is everyone from Me to my GM at the plantation, to the El Salvadoran immigrant guy who does my landscaping to the Dude who insists on selling those bootlegs on the corner of Berry and Village Creek, to Jamario Moon of Toronto Raptors.

Barack Obama?  Today he is one of “us”.  Tomorrow is another day.  But I’ma ride with dude until he proves to me otherwise.

How can you tell “they” from “us”?

They always talk about what they can do for YOU…

Us will always tell you what WE can do for ourselves…

It is a game out here, folk….and THEY is kicking the ass of US.

But we got a little bit of a run going….and the game is a long way from over.

Let’s get it in.

Let the 1.5 era begin.


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