Guess Who’s Back

 This Post has a Soundtrack (the real version…grab the earbuds)

It Feels good to be home.

After almost a week off from work, maxing and relaxing, it is indeed good to be back on the grind. For reasons that are both obvious and notso obvious, Being back in the Burgh is always cause for a good bit of introspection and general spection (!). With the Pennsylvania Primary looming ominously over the state, more eyes than usual were on the campaign.

Personally, knowing the state as I do, I expect a 7-15 point Clinton victory. It IS a demographic nightmare for Obama and essentially is akin to a Punxsutawney Phil sighting, a whole lot of fuss over something that ultimately won’t mean a whole lot. Obama, wisely is pacing his Pennsylvania appearances while still working on Oregon, West Virginia, Indiana and other states, maintaining a winning strategy of never putting all his proverbial eggs in one basket.

Of course there is the minor issue of Obama being prohibitively ahead. But frankly I’m just over the whole primary bit. Pennsylvania is very much yesterday, and for the Clintons to pretend that Pennsylvania represents some microcosm of the 21st Century United States is a little bit grating. *turns the page*

Let’s see what else is going on…

March Madness? Don’t ask. All the upsets I suspected and didn’t pick…(Davidson) happened and all the ones I did Pick (Pittsburgh to the Final Four, Drake, Butler) didn’t. Either Way, 10 out of 16 ain’t too bad.

Jeremiah Wright is STILL on TV.

There is always the personal stuff that comes with going home…but I will dice that up and spread it around.


  1. Christina Springer

    Sorry to have missed you back in the ‘Burgh. Next time, drop a web-homey and ‘e. Did you get a chance to see EastSide? And yes, the primary looms ominous large…but this time the math favours us – regardless.

  2. jameil

    my mom hipped me to Davidson (less than 45 mins from Charlotte) so my elite 8 is still in tact minus one team. let’s see how it goes this weekend…

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