Real Talk in the Middle of the Night #2: White is not a default setting

I try to be an easy going pragmatic brother, but dammit if I am not going to have to start the revolution all by myself.

If you have a white friend, kindly explain to them that white is not the default setting.


I am left handed, and I live in a right handed world.  I accept that things are going to be uncomfortable (screwing things in, writing on a chalk board or using magic markers). Ultimately, I adjust to it.

I am a Black man, and I live in a nation in which many white folk operate as though white (White, Protestant, Heterosexual, English-speaking and Patriarchal, for those keeping full track) is the default setting and  everyone else must adjust.


Not gonna be able to swallow that.

Geraldine Ferraro, (and the Clinton Campaign by extension)  is clinging to the default setting, a setting she admits was waved temporarily in order to provide a certain noteworthy stature to a futile campaign being waged against a popular incumbent.

The MSM has allowed perpetrated a deeply flawed meme regarding 35 years of Clinton experience versus the a speech given by Barack Obama in 2002.


There should be a laugh track everytime she says 35 years of experience.

On its face, Senator Clinton has a unique resume that represents an intelligent and accomplished professional woman with one foot in corporate law and one foot in public policy.


Meanwhile people sniff at Obama’s career as a community activist and Illinois State Senator.

Just awful.

But THIS, boys and girls, is what Black folk deal with.  THIS is why we are so “hostile” and “sensitive”.

See, now I am too irritated to even finish.


  1. Jonzee

    I just struggledly through my own post…for these very same reasons. And it is probably a crappy post. So here is my personal quote of the week “Next time you wake up black, I might listen to what the hell you have to say about how I should feel about being black in America.”

    Yeah, I’m angry. FI.

  2. jameil

    “There should be a laugh track everytime she says 35 years of experience.” hahahaha. i laugh and then turn to everyone around me and take a poll to see if anyone believes she’s serious abt that. everyone else is always just as baffled as i am.

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