The Best Song Snoop never wrote?

So, I am working on the NEXT post you will see on this blog while Listening to Real Late with Peter Rosenberg (required listening for all you grown up Headz)  and I hear this new Snoop Song talking about how being scared of marriage will mess up your relationship with a good woman.

*pauses to cue record  scratch*

Yes, the man who brought the world a debut album with such insightful relationship commentary as “We don’t Love them Hoes” and “Bitches ain’t shit but Hoes and Tricks” is now exalting the joys of Monogamy.  There is hope for HipHop after all.

Uh….small problem.

He didn’t write it.  Or Sensual Seduction.  Or anything else on his upcoming album. 

Back to the album. Initially, there weren’t supposed to be any guest artists on Ego Trippin’. Why the switch?
It just happened. That might be me ego-tripping. The real ego-tripping on this record is that I let people write songs for me.

Singing songs? Rapping songs?

Have you run out of things to say yourself?
Nah. I’m ego-tripping. I was watching Diana Ross getting inducted into a Hall of Fame, and she got up there and named all these great songwriters. Her biggest songs were written by somebody else. So I’m thinking, Wow, there’s nothing wrong with my pen, but I’m going to let other people write for me.

Has the recording process become easy?
Yeah, because I know what I want. When you know what you want, you aim for it and shoot for it. I was talking to Quincy Jones. He told me that, when he used to make records, there was a target they used to aim for, whether it was a No. 1 song or a hot artist. If you aim for a target, you’re either going to hit it or go higher. That’s what I’m on right now.

So there you have it.  The VERY second I get ready to praise Snoop for FINALLY growing up, It turns out that someone GREW him up.  (Although I can’t front, The Blue Carpet Treatment was not without its positive points.)

More on this as it develops.



  1. Big Man

    Whoa, that’s big news. YOu can’t just admit to letting folks write your lyrics and still be considered a real rapper. It just can’t happen.

    I do agree on the Blue Carpet Treatment though. Particularly the first track. Surprised me.

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