Using Old School HipHop to Pour a little out for E-Spitz’ Career

Client, Client Number Nine,

New York Gov He might do time

20 Yrs for the Mann Act



  1. Jonzee

    Well, I love D. Patt…so I will look forward to seeing him sworn in as NYS first Black Governor.

    Boy, Spitzy, that was just plumb dumb tom foolery. If he needed a little spice maybe he shoulda asked his wife to fulfill his fantasy–or at least some of it.


  2. dark & stormy

    I don’t understand why folks still get their panties in a bunch over stuff like this… it happens every day everywhere. How many married men have hired prostitutes? Should it matter if the man caught is a public figure? I don’t think so unless he’s getting busy on company time and/or paying with company dime.

    Now what was comical and painful at the the same time was watching his wife stand there next to him during the press conference.

  3. jameil

    prostitution is illegal and as the gov. he’s sworn to uphold the law. he’s also pushed for ethics reforms. that makes it the public’s business. if you don’t want it to be, don’t get in a public office.

  4. Oscar

    The reason – in this particular case – why people’s bloomers are bunched is because Spitzer has portrayed himself as being morally pure. Maybe not in those exact words, but his righteous indignation at what he deems to be the moral failings of others – no less because of the zeal with which he prosecuted a prostitute ring a couple years ago – leaves him no wiggle room for moral turpitude, as many, many columnists have pointed out today.

    Now, as to why Detroit has gone apoplectic over Kwame’s indiscretions is beyond me, but Spitzer set himself up for this with his Gary Hart/Bill Clinton impersonation. At least Big Pimpin’ Bill Clinton never had to pay for it…

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