Either SNL is on some ill subliminal or they are soon to be DEAD to me

I copped this from Too Sense .

As usual, NBC is faking on the Embed Coding.
At first the dogwhistle pierced my eardrums.

Barack Obama as a president dumber than Bush who curses a lot and relies on Hillary Clinton for EVERYTHING?

insulting beyond measure.

But bracketed as a representation on how the Clinton campaign is portraying Obama…its rather damning.

The reality is, Barack Obama is every probably the smartest candidate in the race(any of them, not just, but all the focus on the cult of personality has rendered that moot.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming subliminals of the new Obama act combined with the media angle will only reinforce the unqualified inexperienced meme..and lets not even START on the dogwhistle racial undertones.



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