Yep, a ticket with Clinton and Obama on it is a dream, because THEN you will wake up.

The quickest way to undo this movement is to hitch it to the very forces that it is fighting against.

While it seems true that ideologically Obama and Clinton are similar, structurally they are QUITE different.

Allow me to draw an analogy:

Saying that there is no difference between Clinton and Obama is like saying there is no difference between catching a cab from New York to Philadelphia and hiring a limousine to drive you from New York to Camden, NJ and hitchhiking the rest of the way.

I will let y’all chew on that one for a while.


  1. jameil

    i mean seriously. i could not be more dismayed than i am by talk of a joint ticket w/the 2 of them. i mean are you mad!? he’s been railing against status quo from day 1 of his campaign and now its okay? uh no. but most of all PEOPLE HATE HER!! the only way to win the general election is to get some repubs and independents. you can’t do that when you have one of the most divisive figures in politics on the ticket. you will drive people away. if mccain wasn’t behind the iraq war i might say he could get my vote. but that is a non-negotiable for both of us which makes voting for him an impossibility.

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