I did my Two-Step, now I need a drink. And a Minute.

If I wasn’t a certified lifetime political junkie, I would just walk away and go and watch fantasy baseball previews.

It isn’t so much that I am angry at the Clinton Campaign since the game is the game (Mouzone, Brother)

my issue primarily revolves around the fact that folk seem to act like a WHOLE lot really changed last night.

The rules are the rules. By the rules, Obama is still almost prohibitively ahead by virtue of the delegate count, lawsuits, legal wrangling, bitching.

According to RealClearPolitics (which still ain’t all that Clear) AFTER last night:

Obama leads Clinton by 134 with pledged delegates (95 overall)

Based on the road ahead. She can’t catch him.


Nah, Too painful to even contemplate.

I am going to work.

I ain’t ready to discuss this.


  1. Jonzee

    Yeah, I almost cried. Even though he is ahead–I almost cried. Because if this goes down the way it might…I’m at a loss.

    I don’t know what I’ll do. But vote for her I will not.

  2. Sharon

    Considering all of the CONFIRMED LIES that Hillary (not to mention Bill) has been associated with, I am beside myself with the results from yesterday’s primaries. How can the pundits possibly believe that Barack’s credibility led to this considering his opponents confirmed history of lies? I choose to believe that what happened here is what was predicted months ago, Hillary won her base: broke white folks and Hispanics. Thus, I am as optimistic as ever that Mr. Obama will continue his historic march to the convention; I only hope that when he gets there, the rules of the process will prevail and not the POLITICS that have defined the electoral process in this country for far too long already.

  3. jameil

    he can get back on track with wins in wyoming– you know he wins those obscure states he seems like he shouldn’t, and mississippi– we all know how he cleans up in the south. lmao @ your title. very clever. i think us obama heads forgot he could lose some states. its really not impossible but the repubs are gathering around their man & the dems are still duking it out. they need to settle this soon sans lawsuits and wrangling. i was really hoping last night’s states brought it home.

  4. MacDaddy

    Your feelings are perfectly understandable. I thought Obama won Texas for sure. But he’s still far ahead in delegates. He’ll just have to be more ready for the negatives this time…and maybe
    have a few of his surrogates do some negatives of their own…I’m sorry to say.

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