We Are the Ones/I was one of the ones

I would love to say that going to the Fort Worth GOTV rally was an inspiring event for me.

But that wouldn’t be the case. What it did do is remind me that this shouldn’t have been all that surprising. We should have seen this coming in 2004 when a pudgy doctor from Vermont had the Internet goin nuts.


Barack Obama: Howard Dean = Ipod:Walkman

I had to do a count, and I would suggest that I have heard the official stump speech in parts or in its entirety, at LEAST 50 times.

But, STILL, while I practically ticked off where he was segueing the whole time and pretty much knew when he was wrapping up(all so I could get the jump to the parking lot) it was still at least partially compelling.

It was like watching your favorite movie for the umpteenth time and mouthing your favorite parts.

So, yeah. I was there. I wouldn’t trade that moment for ANYTHING.

Except to relive that Moment with my sons.

which means ONE thing.

If he wins. I am going to DC for the inaugural. With my sons.




  1. Christina Springer

    Ink, not to offend, but do you expect him to write a new speech for each and every day on the campaign trail? Heck, judges at poetry slams don’t even expect poets to come up with three new pieces during a three year period. Sometimes audiences get mad when you don’t perform their favourite piece.

    “Are you going to do six year old signature piece, huh? Huh!?!” They ask.

    “No, I’d like to do some new work,” says performer, politician, musician or other entertainer.

    Then, they get all salty because they’d brought ten friend to see you do that piece. So, even though you secretly wish you’d never written that piece – let alone performed it in public – you end up performing that piece because you need their support.

    “Yes We Can” = “Stairway To Heaven” = “Purple Rain”

  2. jameil

    christina’s right. as many speeches as he does he’s got to mix and match! but you already know this. i’m sooooooo in d.c. should he win this thing, too. but i’m trying not to look that far ahead and only to tuesday, march 4th. i’m sooooo excited about it.

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