Am I the only one who hears a dog-whistle @ 3 in the Morning?

I don’t like the look of this spot at all.

What is it about sleeping babies @ 3AM and a ringing phone in the White House that makes the two at all relevant.

I mean, really now, it was 8:45 am when the first plane hit the towers.

And let us not even discuss what Bill Clinton was doing during a few of HIS White House Phone calls (withdrawn, he said snarkily).

I am missing out on what it is that makes us think that somehow the world is only going to go to hell in the middle of the night.

Which means…There is something else going on.

Allow me to translate, as it revealed itself to me at first blush.

“Do you trust that Black man with the funny name to protect your precious babies at 3AM? Because you know that’s when Black men like to come and rob your house.”

Heck, why stop there, Go ahead and get Uncle Ruckus involved:

Yeah, NSFW (its a BOONDOCKS clip, c’mon now)

UPDATE: Oh….THIS didn’t take Long.

and neither did this:

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