What Part of the Game is THIS?

Just what are the circumstances that are involved in having wall to wall coverage of the sentencing phase of the Bobby Cutts, Jr. trial in the middle of the day?

Such that we have televising of the family of the victims testifying in regards to the punishment phase?


Nothing else going on today?

Does this happen a lot?

I mean, Don’t get me wrong.

If they arranged to inject Officer BabyMama & Baby Killer in between mediocre American Idol acts, I would be fairly indifferent, but my Spidey Sense is tingling.  Something isn’t adding up.


One comment

  1. aj

    I was thinking the same thing considering all the back and forths in political news today – this story is out of place, especially televising the family statements.

    The media seems to want to scare white America with the image of a black criminal and how he wreaked havoc upon the lives of others.

    Pure and simple race baiting on whole other level.

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