RIP Myron Cope G.O.A.T.

A legend is gone.

No individual local sportscaster  represented his hometown team like Myron Cope.  You can name all the names you want…you aint touchin’ Mr. Cope.

I met Mr. Cope once downtown (dahntahn for you Yinzers).  They don’t really  come much nicer than him.

Even if his voice annoyed you to no end(and it did) Myron Cope is a legend to anyone who is from Pittsburgh or reps the Steelers.

Younger Steelers fans and Fans not from Pittsburgh don’t really understand the Love/Nails on the Chalkboard relationship that most Black Pittsburghers have with Myron Cope.

We thought it was much ado about not a whole lot, but such is the nature of growing up Black in Pittsburgh.  Sometimes he seemed Bigger than the players to Pittsburgh, and that annoyed us, but in the same way, Billy Conn is bigger than Joe Louis, depending on who you ask.  It was just the way it was.  We didn’t complain, we just gave him his space and loved him from afar.

My mother banned his sports talk show from the house, because his voice was just THAT annoying.

But even she had to shed a lil tear today.

We all did.

And then we dried our tears with the Terrible Towel, cause he would have wanted it that way.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Cope.


One comment

  1. deesha

    When I first moved here, Myron Cope (and That Voice) was one of my first clues that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

    Other clues: fries on salads, and the utter refusal to use “to be” (“My hairs needs washed–uh, warshed.”

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