Johnny Gill, Lemme Holla @ You for a minute…

Hey, Johnny.

I know you and me aren’t exactly close. Considering I wasn’t really an enthusiastic fan of yours, I would understand if you wouldn’t exactly take kindly to my advice.

The reality is I was always a fan of yours. I told anyone who would listen that you single handedly saved New Edition, giving them a gravitas that Bobby Brown never could.

No, dancing wasn’t your forte’, but still, musically, you did the damn thing.

I don’t know who else was feeling it, But I dug your last single

Frightening how much more substantial your voice was than all the other cats were.

Anyway, enough nostalgia.

This is about YOU, bro.

Clearly word has gotten back to you about the way your name is hot in the e-streets. You need to understand, JG, that this ain’t the late 80’s. Back then the rumors were scattershot and usually a bunch of he said she said.

Getting your misogynist won’t save you, it will only hasten the day that you end up starring on Front street.Yeah Yeah, I get that people won’t understand and your career will be over (um…well, actually…) so what you are doing is not exactly unprecedented or unexpected.

But what it IS…is tacky beyond measure. Not to mention that it does more harm than good to all involved. “Keeping a stable” does not automatically exclude you from seeking alternative means of pleasure. Then of course, there is this


So, um…yeah. And this ain’t even about WHAT you are doing, cause you are older than me. This is about HOW you are doing it. It is damaging to you, those that you associate with and the community at large.

This is what you call clearing things up?

You got babies, fam.

And to be honest…We don’t believe you you need more People(Carter, S. and Saga)

At the end of the day, I don’t a bit more know what you do than the man in the moon. But to be honest, this is NOT helping your case.


Stoppit, fam.



  1. DJ Diva

    WORD UP!

    When I heard his statement to Doug Banks I was like “a stable”? And we aint never seent you with not nary a woman? Just be you dog…don’t nobody care anyway…

    and you Ink…LMAO @ his last single…It has been that long since he blessed a track LOL

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  3. tws392000

    Once again, the InkogNegro tells it like it T-I-is. A “stable,” JG? Really? I don’t think there are words for this…I mean, like the man says you only make it worse by trying to prove what kind of player you are.

  4. ms.juslisten

    Have you guys remember being a teenager with a curfew and ya’ momma told you to be home at a certain time and you were already late? So what did we do? We called and told our mom’s we were on our way home when in fact we really weren’t. We were buying time. And this my friends, is what Mr. Gill and Mr. Murphy are both doing. This rumor has been goin on for way too long and all they really need to know especially Mr. Murphy is that no one gives a crap if donkey is really gay and or bisexual. We knew way back when he wore that tight red leather suit(hindsight is 20/20). Straght men don’t want anything on their bodies that tight. 80’s or not. Good luck fella’s. Everybody knows what goes on in the dark always comes to light everybodies momma has always told them that. Listen to yours.

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