Hated On Mostly

The more I listen/watch the incessant blather about the campaign, the more I realize that most of what i see in terms of negative comments from the press and the media on Obama amounts to hate.

Not the kind that leads to burning crosses or nooses.

The kind of hate that mostly leads to tapping fingers and flapping lips.

“He is an empty suit”

“He lacks susbtance”

“He is Inexperienced”

“He is a Plagiarist”

“He is an unpatriotic down-low Muslim”

“His wife is a (insert pretty much everything you heard about Hillary circa 1992)”

I am saving my personal argument for Barack Obama for my Sunday Endorsement Essay, but I will say this:  More than anything else, being president IS actually about what you say.  The presidency is a bully pulpit more than anything else. It involves having a vision and placing the right people in the right places.  Being president is about character and putting what is good for America above everything else in the long term, not just during the time you are in power.

We aren’t really having a conversation on the issues when you ignore what it is in a man’s history just because it suits your purposes.

Hell, there is more MISINFORMATION being spread about Obama’s past than ACTUAL history.

And let’s not even get started on the characterizations of those of us who support Obama.

Nothing but hate.

Come on, people!(Cosby & Poussaint, 2007)

The man has a  law degree from Harvard where he chaired the Harvard Law Review, followed by several years in the Illinois State Senate and then a few years in the United States Senate.   It defies logic that someone with 6 years in the US Senate and a career as a corporate lawyer who dispatched Joe Biden, who was elected in 1972 (there is your THIRTY FIVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE), Christopher Dodd, who was elected in 1980, and Bill Richardson, who has a resume with more bullets than Sean Bell caught would dare trot out the experience argument.

Unless, of course, we are talking about SOMEONE ELSE’S EXPERIENCE .

Think about that when you start hearing about being ready on Day one tonight in Cleveland.


One comment

  1. tws392000

    I keep wondering where Hilary Clinton got all this “experience” to lead the country on Day One. Let’s be real here. IF she hadn’t been elected in New York to the Senate, what rightful national government experience could she claim? Sitting at the right hand of her husband? Okay, maybe that is experience by osmosis. But as I recall, it was MR. Clinton who took the bullets, not the Mrs.

    So that makes her about as qualified as Mr. Obama, as I see it. Maybe less so.

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