Hey, NBC. Barack Obama is on TV everyday for a year and this is the BEST YOU CAN DO?

So, in the midst of the Biggest Presidential Primary season ever and the most compelling Presidential Candidate since Robert Kennedy…NBC offers THIS as a parody?

So, a Black man is on the verge of history, and THIS is the best you can do???


I mean, the AP is dropping stories about Obama’s Patriotism? the ASSOCIATED PRESS??? Yeah….talk about a free pass.
I reckon that I should let y’all slide for being on strike and stuff. But this was just plain lazy. Time is running out, Folks, Pretty soon it will be Summer, and you will be back in reruns.

Perhaps now is a good time to play Rent a negro or something. Obama ain’t going nowhere, Fred Armisen ain’t gonna get it done. Not.Even.Close.

And don’t even get me started on THIS SHIT HERE…

Yanno, Tina, you’re cute in a plain white girl with a neat sense of humor kind of way.

But Bitch is not the new black. Bitch isn’t even the new pink. Bitch is the once and future Female dog.

Once upon a time, you couldn’t say Bitch in public.

I still don’t.

Suddenly now you think you can rehabilitate and positive up Bitch, like Black folk (some) did the word Nigger.

Um, sorry, Tina.

Black Women Tried that. Then they realized that just because YOU make it a positive word, Men will still use it as a pejorative and beat you upside the metaphorical head with it.

One day, Black men will realize the same thing about the word Nigger(-a,-az,-uh) but that is another subject for another time.

Anyhoo…good luck with that tacit endorsement. Too bad you’re about two weeks late.

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