I’ll take stuff BET should be showing for 200, Alex.

The embed ain’t workin and I don’t feel like foolin with it

Talib Kweli – Hostile Gospel Pt 1.

Freedom’s a road that’s seldom traveled, watch hell unravel
Right before the eyes of the soldier who fell in battle
The single mother who raised her daughter to bear the sacred water
And not take the hand of every man who make a offer
To black kids wishin they white kids, when they close they eyelids
Like, “I bet they neighborhood ain’t like this”
White kids wishin they black kids, and wanna talk like rappers
It’s all backwards it’s identity crisis
The industry inside us is vipers with fangs trying to bite us
Drug suppliers is the health care providers
We cakin, makin narcotics outta household products
We ain’t workin out ’til we exorcise the demons that’s inside us
Plus they seem to just provide us with enough rope to hang ourselves
Enough dope to slang ourselves, enough toast to bang ourselves
It’s officially nigga season, these niggaz is bleedin
That’s why I’m spittin freedom we had enough of trigger squeezin


One comment

  1. MacDaddy

    I loved the video and the content.
    Hip Hop with a conscience. Takes me back
    to old school stuff like Public Enemy.

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