HipHop for Grownups #1 Hero

Once upon a time, I used to write Press Releases for a living.

It was a thankless job, attempting to write words to right wrongs and setting up the most mundane events to be can’t miss engagements.

Now that I am some hotshot Blogger (Sarcasm set to maximum levels) Every now and then I will get press releases and music about new HipHop artists on the verge.   Being a GAM (Grown Assed Man) and all, some of the stuff just leaves me sorta

Enter The following Press Release



HERO: “A legendary figure endowed with great strength or ability; who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character; the central figures of a movement.”

The “movement” in this case is to push the boundaries of the music we know and love. 

HERO gives us two such legendary figures. Introducing artist/producer extraordinaire Darp Malone and the incredible word-smith E-Dot (who has previously worked with Mr. Complex, The Chapter, Loer Velocity and released singles on Ill Bill’s Uncle Howie Records). These two long time collaborators have finally combined their efforts on a full-fledged scale to create a sound that is nothing short of amazing. HERO’s music is honest and passionate, so wonderfully sincere and effortless.


They have no capes or pantyhose, just soulful ballads and aggressive compositions. Somehow HERO manages to easily combine substance and intricate wordplay with moving melodies and catchy refrains.

Together as HERO, E-Dot and Darp Malone’s music utterly transcends time without the abuse of trends and propaganda. Upon first listen one comes to realize that the future is upon us. The time is now, and they are here. Embrace them, witness the conquest; and don’t take them for granted.

Yeah, I know…pretty heady stuff.  But it is a Press Release, after all.  The proof is in the pudding.

Here is your pudding

Personally, Im intrigued.  Someone needs to speak for GAM rap.  Why not these Cats?

And if you wanna Download it….I got it here legit. 

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