If Stanley Crouch understands it, why doesn’t anyone else?

With a huge Hat/Tip to Booker Rising

I don’t always agree with Stanley Crouch, but to deny his ability to turn a phrase and his passion for his people is to cheat yourself.

With this gem, he has returned to my radar with a vengeance.

Americans have longed for the purification ritual that they feel in Obama’s campaign because it faces what they feel is wrong with this country. An important part of this purification ritual is the presentation of an American history that is common to us all.

When Obama links the 13 Colonies fighting the Revolutionary War to the abolition movement against slavery, and that to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, and that to women getting the vote and unions being able to represent workers, and that to defeating Hitler and European fascism during World War II, and that fight to the Civil Rights struggle in which black and white people, some young, some not, brought this country much closer to its democratic destiny, Americans feel both purified and closer to each other.

That is what no presidential candidate has been able to do in many, many years: make people FEEL that e pluribus unum is not only alive and well, but is the foundation of the strategy that will get us out of our messes.


Now bear in mind that there is a certain amount of denial and latent white privilege that must be dealt with underneath all that truth, but the substance of it is real.  And personally, I hold out hope that, as president, Obama can start to pull back the covers on that kind of thing.

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