Day Sixteen of Black History Month: The importance of Fried Chicken

So, I was getting my Google Reader on and reading my new addition, when I came across a lament that the author was afraid to discuss things that Black people love that would be classified as stereotypical.

Well, Guess what.


I wouldn’t marry a woman who was incapable of frying chicken. I believe, history of hypertension in my family notwithstanding, that chicken was MEANT to be fried.

With the skin on.

I remember my mother washing the chicken off, burning the hairs(?) off of the chicken wings using the bare gas burner and then soaking it in Cold Salt Water in a green Tupperware bowl.

Was it complicated? No.

Was it EASY? Hecky Naw.

If the oil is too hot, then the outside will cook too fast and the inside won’t be cooked all the way through (and you KNOW we cannot have that)

Now, am I advocating the wholesale frying of every meal? Certainly not.

I am merely acknowledging that I was born and raised on Fried Chicken.

2-3 days a week, My mother pulled out X pieces of Chicken (usually enough to feed us for two days) . There were days where we had fried chicken everyday for a week with a menagerie of starches and sides.

Occasionally the chicken would get baked or barbecued, but mostly, it got fried.

Just sitting here typing this makes me nostalgic for the smell of Chicken.

And it wasn’t just at home.

Many a gleaming church structure was built on the backs of stout Black Women and their yardbird.

Many a College Education was paid for by scholarship dinners that featured the finest in Fried Chicken.

Many a long road trip South (or North) was made affordable by Tupperware bowls full of fried chicken in a cooler to avoid stops to eat on the way.

Going to the Drive-In? Fried Chicken?

AM Munchies after a long night at the club? Cold Fried Chicken?

Cold Fried Chicken makes Cold Pizza simply unacceptable.


It is a vital part of my personal Culture and I am NOT Ashamed.

Oh wait…

I love chicken, but this shit here is uncalled for. Stop that right now.

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  1. The Griot

    I remember that fried chicken we used to take to all the Sunday School Picnics and the potato salad that went with it. I’d be tempted to mug somebody today if I thought they had a cooler full.

    …and unlike KFC we used real chickens 😉

    The Griot

  2. deesha

    Yeah, Ms. Peaches is a shame fo’ God, and the parents of those kids need to be reported for abuse.

    I love fried chicken too.

    I have given up meat, almost exclusively, with one key exception being fried chicken at this place in Wilkinsburg called B’s. It’s just like my Nay-Nay used to make. I eat it for the nostalgia.

    Also, because I believe that the way my Nay-Nay fried chicken was an art, I do my best to replicate it (I’m good, but not as good as B’s), and pass the gift down to my girls. They love my fried chicken, I’m proud to say.

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