Fourteenth Day of Black History Month: Love Conquers All

Barack Obama took the day off to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his family.

Let that settle in for a moment, shall we?

if ANYONE could have earned a pass for Valentine’s Day, it would have been Mr. Obama.

But where is he?  At home.

THAT is a man I respect.

In the midst of history in the making, a campaign for the ages,  and the very notion of change in the most powerful nation on the planet bubbling all over the world, Barack Obama is at home with his family.

Not nearly enough attention has been paid to this fact.

Because when the Koolaid is all drunken up, and all y’all have pulled your levers and shook hands with history, All Barack Obama is going to have, win OR lose, is Michelle and the Girls.

That is all any of us have.

It is no accident that many of the Giants of our era, were buttressed by Women who were Giants in their own right.

Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz could have been every bit the peers of Martin and Malcolm but they chose to show that strength by playing the most difficult role of all.  I will pause at this point and mention that Mrs. King had a particularly difficult role to play in light of the um….er…extraneous issues that were involved in her life.

I could regale you with tales of the women behind the men, but I had a long night with the woman behind me, so I will leave y’all to connect the dots.

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